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Building – Blk Sonshine

Building – Blk Sonshine

Blk Sonshine

Blk Sonshine


Masauko Chipembere and Neo Muyanga make up the wonderful band Blk Sonshine and when their eponymous debut album appeared on the scene, there was a lot of excitement. One music journo commenting something to the effect that the SA music scene had not seen an album as different and revolutionary (in a musical sense) since Juluka’s ‘Universal Man’. High praise indeed.

The album spawed 6 Top 20 hits on the SA Rockdigest Charts, one of which was ‘Building’ (AKA ‘Me And My People Building’) which peaked at number 4. Blk Sonshine played stripped down acoustic music, relying on the great harmonies of Masauko and Neo. The songs are full of life and sonshine. In some ways it was the antidote to kwaito that was building in popularity at the time, and it did for black music what PM Dawn and De La Soul did for rap music.

‘Building’ was a positive anthem for the New South Africa, with the lyrics talking about rebuilding the country. The vocals are emotional without being annoyingly so and they are underpinned by a staccato stum of the guitar. There is a scat choir that joins in as the song, err..,  builds and adds some handclaps for extra effect. If Jack Johnson had been a black South African, he may have sounded like this.

Where to find it:
Blk Sonshine – Blk Sonshine (2000), Fresh Music, FRESHCD105


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2 thoughts on “Building – Blk Sonshine

  1. Do you know what happened to this band? have they made any more music? Their “born in a taxi” is one of my favourite songs

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