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We’ve Got The Love – Dale Stephens

We’ve Got The Love – Dale Stephens

We’ve Got The Love - Dale Stephens

We’ve Got The Love – Dale Stephens

Dale was born in PE and spent some of his youth in Holland where he had limited success in the music biz with a band called Malta. He returned to South Africa and formed Freeze, eventually leaving them to go solo. He went on to become a two hit wonder, scoring firstly with ‘We’ve Got The Love’ and then again about 7 months later with ‘Slipping Out The Back Way’.

‘We’ve Got The Love’ was the more successful on the Springbok Radio Top 20, climbing to number 8 and spending 11 weeks on the chart. ‘Slipping Out The Back Way’ manged 7 weeks and peaked at 14. However, ‘Slipping…’ did mange to get onto the Radio 5 charts (peaked at 4) where ‘We’ve Got The Love’ didn’t chart.

The song has a Barry Manilow quality to it with a quieter, piano driven verse, building to a crescendo and chorus complete with strings and soaring vocals. Dale is joined on the vocals by an unknown female voice (anyone know who?) who at times threatens to take over as the star of this love song duet.

Stephens went on to produce more music, but none got the attention that ‘We’ve Got The Love’ and ‘Slipping Out The Back Way’ did.

Where to find it:
Various Artists – The Best of SA Pop Volume 3 (1994) GSP, CDREDD 610#


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3 thoughts on “We’ve Got The Love – Dale Stephens

  1. Martin on said:

    Out of curiosity, why aren’t these old songs available on available on places such as I-tunes or Google Play? It seems like such a lost opportunity…

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