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Liberal Man – Jeremy Taylor

Liberal Man – Jeremy Taylor

Jeremy Taylor

Jeremy Taylor

Because of ‘Ag Pleez Deddy’ we sometimes forget that Jeremy Taylor was actually a pom. But, because of ‘Ag Pleez Deddy’, the people of South Africa have made him an honorary Saffa (the government back in the day had other ideas, but that’s another story). Occassionaly Jeremy’s songs were more British than South African and ‘Liberal Man’ is one of these. However, the sentiments are international.

The song is from the point of view of a ‘tolerant liberal’ who hates his neighbour with a passion. The neighbour is a “racist, a jingoist, a white man to the core”. Our liberal man, however let’s his emotions overflow occassionaly and shows his true colours, “I hate him/I loathe him/And I don’t know what to do/I bet he isn’t even English/He’s just another loody Jew”. Then we suddenly see him backpedalling, realising what he’s just said “oo-eer, not that I care” he adds quickly. One person commenting on the Youtube video mentioned below sums up the song nicely – ‘Nothing more intolerant than a Secular Liberal.’

Taylor was a master of satire and ‘Liberal Man’ shows how culturally aware he was, both in South Africa and in England. He is a very funny singer whose brilliance went well beyond ‘Ag Pleez Deddy’.

Where to find it:
The Very Best Of  – Jeremy Taylor (1996 & 2004), Prism Leisure Records

Here it here:



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