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Bad Habit – Fat City

Bad Habit – Fat City

Bad Habit - Fat City

Bad Habit – Fat City

Fat City were Toni Gozza, Johnny Blundell and Jiggs Downing. For ‘Bad Habit’ they drafted in Mike Faure on sax and Wendy Oldfield, Jo Day and Julie & Caroline Blundell for backing vocals.

The song is a broody one, with Gozza’s vocals sounding whiskey-drenched. It is the kind of song you’d expect to hear when a down and out hero in a movie is sitting in the bar choosing to drink his life away (usually just before the love interest walks in and gives him ‘what for’ for being a loser and this miraculously turns his life around). This is reinfornced by the repeated line “life is slipping away” and the lonely sax that Faure brings to the party.

There is a bit of a Neill Solomon sound going on here. A song from the heart, sung in a desperate voice that drags you into the misery of the singer’s life and seems to offer no way out. Sometimes it’s good to wallow in sadness and despair, and you can do so with this song. Take comfort from the fact that you are not alone, but don’t make listening to it a bad habit. Have something cheerful and life affirming like Mango Groove or Juluka next on your playlist.

Where to find it:
SA Top 40 Hits of All Time – Various Artists (2001), Sting Music, STIDFCD037



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One thought on “Bad Habit – Fat City

  1. Eugene Havenga on said:

    As always, Fat City has always been unique regarding originality, good vocals, production and insanity. Wonderful listening to this.

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