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Indigo Girl – Watershed

Indigo Girl – Watershed

Indigo Girl - Watershed

Indigo Girl – Watershed

If you are ever looking for the South African answer to REM’s ‘Nightswimming’, look no further than Watershed’s ‘Indigo Girl’. It has that same piano-driven melancholy feel to it, Craig Hinds vocals are also somewhat akin to those of Michael Stipe and both songs introduce lush sting arrangements to make the song swoop and soar.

Some may say that ‘Indigo Girl’ song is completely derived from REM, and that may well be the case, but to imitate something is the highest form of flattery and to do so with such skill is the highest form of flattery I can give to Watershed. The execution and production (by Brian O’Shea’) of the song is of such a standard that you cannot help but take you hat off to them. If you, like me, loved ‘Nightswimming’ then you should love this. It’s a bit like going to the cupboard and having two favourite shirts to choose from, both feshly cleaned and pressed and ready to wear.

‘Indigo Girl’ had some success in Europe going to number 27 in Germany, 17 in Austria and 58 in Switzerland.

Where to find it:
In The Meantime – Watershed (2000), EMI ‎– 724353995621


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  1. And The Indigo Girls did a song called Watershed

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