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Time – The Dealians

Time – The Dealians

Time - The Dealians

Time – The Dealians

The Dealians were formed by Mike Fuller (who went on to manage Clout, Hotline and Little Sister) and took their name from the Deal’s Hotel in East London where they used to performed. They became a highly successful band, having 5 top 20 hits on Springbok Radio and spending a total of 50 weeks on the charts.

The last of the 5 hits was the 1973 song ‘Time’ which accounted for 15 of the 50 weeks and reached number 4. The song starts out with ‘Big Ben’ type chimes just so that you know what the song is about. It then bounces into the opening line of “Time! Time! Why Why!” which is accompanied by a warm, brassy trumpet. Despite being about lost love and time (which should heal the wounds) that is passing so slowly, the music is a joyous romp of pure well-crafted pop that you can dance to, or just tap your toe to.

Clocking in at just over two and a half minutes, ‘Time’ feels too short. You are just getting into it when it ends. Time flies when you’re having fun and fun is what you’ll have listening to this.

Where to find it:
Various Artists – The Best of SA Pop Volume 3 (1994) GSP, CDREDD 610


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One thought on “Time – The Dealians

  1. Anthony Hutton on said:

    Loved the Dealians. Went many a time in late 60’s to see them, either by hitching a ride or use of moms car. We lived in KWT.

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