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69 Tea – Saron Gas/Seether

69 Tea – Saron Gas/Seether

Fragile - Saron Gas

Fragile – Saron Gas

Until they realised that Saron Gas was the poison used in the 1995 subway attack in Tokyo which killed thirteen people, Sean Morgan (was Welgemoed) and co went under that name. A move to the US brought about a name change to Seether and success followed.

‘69 Tea’ was recorded under both names and is a blistering piece of grunge that was one of the first major locally produced grunge tunes to hit our shores. It features roaring guitars, growling vocals and self loathing lyrics. It was no small wonder that they wound up on, erm, Wind-Up records in the US where they have had remarkable success with ‘Disclaimer’ (their first album) reaching 92 on the Billboard album charts and more recemntly their 2012 offering ‘Holding On To Strings Better Left To Fray’ fell just short of the top spot, peaking at number 2.

There is little to choose between the Saron Gas and the Seether versions of this song, the former sticking closer to the ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ grunge sound with a less in-your-face guitar, but both build to roaring rock. The Saron Gas one did reach number 15 on the SA Rockdigest Charts back in 2000.

Where to find it:
Fragile -Saron Gas (2000),Musketeer, CDMUS (LF) 300
Disclaimer – Seether (2002), Musketeer, CDMUS (CF) 303

Saron Gas:


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