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Roxy Lady – Neill Solomon & The Uptown Rhyhtm Dogs

Roxy Lady – Neill Solomon & The Uptown Rhyhtm Dogs

The Occupant - Neill Solomon & The Uptown Rhyhtm Dogs

The Occupant – Neill Solomon & The Uptown Rhyhtm Dogs

I tried to see what the definition of ‘roxy’ is and found a few that didn’t really make sense in the context of Neill Solomon’s song ‘Roxy Lady’. One suggested that it was a shortening of Roxicodone which, according to one website is an opoid analgesic. Not sure what that means but I can’t imagine any sane man referring to the woman of his dreams as an Opoid Analgestic Lady.

Another definition was that Roxy was a shortening of Roxanne, which could be a possibility here, but listening to the lyrics, this also doesn’t make sense. I then thought that perhaps Neill was talking about Bryan Ferry’s girlfriend (possibly Jerry Hall?) or someone he met at Roxy’s Rhythm Bar. And then I found it. The Urban Dictionary            defines ‘roxy’ as sexy and swanky at the same time. Now I can understand a male rocker singing about this subject matter.

Neill Solomon sings about his roxy lady over dramatic pianos, gently plucked and at times searing guitars. There is something a little creepy and menacing about the song. The music seems portentious; Solomon’s vocals border on seedy and the line “still I know she’s mine” suggests an almost stalker-like obsession with this ‘Roxy Lady’. However, you still get a sense of a genuine care for his subjet matter. Haunting, ominous and yet beautiful at the same time.

Where to find it:
The Occupant – Neill Solomon (1997) NSCD001


Urban Dictionary link:

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