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Stuur Groete Aan Mannetjies Roux – Laurika Rauch

Stuur Groete Aan Mannetjies Roux – Laurika Rauch

Stuur Groete Aan Mannetjies Roux - Laurika Rauch

Stuur Groete Aan Mannetjies Roux – Laurika Rauch

Laurika came to the country’s attention when her song ‘Kinders Van Die Wind’ scaled the Springbok Radio Top 20. On the back of the success of ‘Kinders…’ she toured South Africa with Anton Goosen and has gone from strength to strength since then.

A quick look through the sleeve notes of her greatest hits CD ’19 Treffers Van 21 Jaar’ reveals a varied career, performing songs by a diverse list of local songwriters, including Anton Goosen, Andre Swiegers, Koos du Plessis and Koos Kombuis, as well some international ones like Jacques Brel and Joan Armatrading. But one of the names that crops up a fair bit is Christopher Torr, which is not a household name. Torr was an economics lecturer whom Laurika married in 1984 and has recorded a good number of his songs.

‘Maanetjies Roux’ is a Torr composition and, unlike David Kramer’s Blokkies Joubert, refers to a real Springbok rugby player (27 caps). Also unlike Kramer’s song, the rugby player is not the central character in the song. This is more about the singer’s Oom (Uncle) and his bankrupt plaas (farm). Sadly the oom passes before the song ends, but this allows him to meet up with his hero Mannetjies.

The song itself is a sort of cross breed between boere musiek, Balkan gypsy, Salvation Army Band and the slow part of a jazz funeral. It has a slow, steady stomp beat with a tuba, brassy trumpet and accordion that builds as the song progresses. Over this Laurika’s stong voice sings the lyrics which make this more a celebratory remembrance of the Oom rather than a sorrowful mourning of his death.

Where to find it:
19 Treffers Van 21 Jaar – Laurika Rauch, (1999), Laurika, SELBCD312


Mannetjies Roux Wikipedia page:


My oom se motor is ‘n ou masjien
Hy maak dit vol met dieselien
En hy sing in die strate as hy ons kom sien
My oom is oud en ek is skaars dertien
My oom drink koffie en my tannie tee
Ek vra oor die reën en hy sê ja-nee
En hy drink soet koffie met sy een oog toe
En hy praat weer oor die drie van Mannetjies Roux

O stuur ons net so ‘n bietjie reën
My oom het ‘n tenk vol dieselien
En seën my pa en seën my ma
En my oom op sy plaas in Afrika

Maar my oom het gesukkel op die plaas
Want die son was te warm en die reën te skaars
En die man van die bank het net sy kop geskud
Want my oom, ja my oom was te diep in die skuld
My oom se motor is ‘n ou masjien
Hy maak dit vol met dieselien
En hy ry na die lande in die oggenddou
Die lande vaal en sy oë grou

Herhaal Refrein

En as jy in die oggend in die lande stap
Hoor jy nog sy motor met sy klak-klak-klak
Maar my oom, ja my oom se oë’s nou albei toe
In sy brief stuur hy groete aan Mannetjies Roux

Herhaal Refrein

(Woorde en musiek: Christopher Torr)

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3 thoughts on “Stuur Groete Aan Mannetjies Roux – Laurika Rauch

  1. like the information – well rounded. Even video. Cool.

  2. waytoomanyUIDs on said:

    I’ve always thought the line “In sy brief stuur hy groete aan Mannetjies Roux” referred to a suicide note. Farmers committing suicide when the bank repossessed the farm was an all too common phenomenon, and it’s a subject that Laurika Rauch would have been unafraid to tackle.

    However that seems to have flown over the heads of most fans of the song. But it’s this song that made me take another listen to her work and take her seriously.

  3. Baz Edmeades on said:

    Ja nee!

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