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Street Of Love – Jack Hammer

Street Of Love – Jack Hammer

Ghosts On The Wind - Jack Hammer

Ghosts On The Wind – Jack Hammer

Piet Botha found his way into Jack Hammer via Raven and Wildebeest, both of whom produced some rock singles in the late 70’s and early 80’s. But with Jack Hammer, Botha seemed to have found his calling and the band has been going for over 25 years now. Not a bad feat not only in South African terms, but in world terms.

‘Street Of Love’ is the opening track to Jack Hammer’s third album, the 1994 offering ‘Ghosts On The Wind’ and from the first howl of the guitar at the outset, you know you are in for a rock treat! The rest of the song doesn’t let you down. Playing some ZZ Top-esque blues rock the band burn rubber on the street of love. Piet Botha’s voice growls like a Harley Davidson prowling the neighbourhood causing any dad’s listening to this to contemplate incarceration for their female offspring.

Piet Botha has also produced some wonderful solo material, but (and this is not a hard and fast rule) he tends to keep the harder-edged rockier stuff for his band. ‘Street Of Love’ showcases Jack Hammer at their blistering best.

Where to find it:
Anthology – Jack Hammer (January 2000), Wildebeest Records, WILD020
Ghost On The Wind – Jack Hammer (1994), Inhouse Records, INH 160 CD
Road Works (1984 – 2009) – Jack Hammer (2009), JHCD003


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