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White Lines – Wonderboom

White Lines – Wonderboom



Despite Wonderboom’s penchant for cover versions (they have produced 2 albums of just covers), this is not a re-hash of the Grandmaster Flash classic. Besides which, the ‘Booms tended to keep their coverings to local songs in the main. The second thing to know about ‘White Lines’ is that, unlike the Grandmaster Flash song, this one is not about drugs. Rather, it is the funkiest rock song the planet has ever heard about being pulled over by the fuzz. (Some may argue that ‘Fokofpolsiekar’ should get that title, but the latter is just not funky).

Just listen to the start of the song and you’ll see what I mean about it being funky. Before Cito begins to enlightens us about how he was stopped at a roadblock and how the police were “chatting up my girlie”, Martin Schofield is already strutting out a riff so funk laden that it would have even the most hardened speedcop nodding his head in time to. The song then explodes into the chorus about walking the white line. This is Wonderboom at their best. Tuneful, witty and rocking (althought there is some questionable rhyming in the one (white) line “in the slammer/hammer/sorry ek is jammer”).

This is one white line that is not to be sniffed at.

Where to find it:
Tell Someone Who Cares – Wonderboom (2003), Gresham Records, CDDGR1561


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