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Oh My Love – Karen Zoid

Oh My Love – Karen Zoid

Karen Zoid - Chasing The Sun

Karen Zoid – Chasing The Sun

‘Oh My Love/Give All Your Love To Me’ sung in a semi-sneer is what your ears are assaulted with as soon as you put Karen Zoid’s second album ‘Chasing The Sun’ on. It’s as if she wanted you to realise from the outset that she was not just a one hit wonder with ‘Poles Apart’. The message is very clear – I rocked, I rock and I will rock.

And what more would you expect from the First Lady of Rockchickness? Despite the real heavier grungy-growl sound of the song only hitting at about a minute in to the song, the attitude is there from the start. You can hear it in Karen’s voice and the guitars seem almost as if they are trembling with the anticipation of her breaking loose.

But it doesn’t then descend into a barrage of sound noisefest, it maintains an excellent melody. Karen seems to suck you into the belly of the song and before you know it, you have been swallowed wholeheartedly into it, only to suddenly be spat out at 3 minutes 42 seconds. You will be a bit disorientated for a second, but then will find the repeat button and you’re off on the journey again.

Where to find it:
Chasing The Sun – Karen Zoid, Just Music, (2003), CDJUST171


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