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Child (Inside) – Qkumba Zoo

The Child (Inside) – Qkumba Zoo

The Child (Inside) - Qkumba Zoo

The Child (Inside) – Qkumba Zoo

Qkumba Zoo have been variously named Qkumba Zoo, Qcumba Zoo and QZoo, but no matter how you know the band name, they will probably be best known for their hit ‘Child (Inside)’ which, apart from local success, went on to peak at 69 on the US Hot 100 and topped Billboard’s Dance Music/Club Play chart. Levannah (described as being omnisexual) and Owl made up the band with dancer Tziki.

As the song was a success on the Dance charts this suggests it is a dance tune. And it is one that mixes African drumming, bushmen talking, hi-energy beats, pan flutes, whooping American Indian style chants and girly vocals in a large production pot to brew up a worldmusic tinged whirlwind that would have rocked most dancefloors in the second half of the 90s. The hi-energy beats do make it sound a little dated these days, but don’t let that deter you.

The bands image, with their slightly afro-hippy appearance and partially shaved heads sort makes one think they are the love child (inside) of éVoid and Sinead O’Connor and Levannah’s pure, clear vocals do somewhat echo Sinead, while they have inherited the dance sensibilities of éVoid and updated it for their generation.

International success for South African bands has not been easily obtained, so this is an important song in that it was one of the first post-apartheid songs to impact the world at large.

Where to find it:
Wake Up And Dream – Qkumba Zoo (1996), David Gresham Records, CDDGR1350


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