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One Time – Van Der Want & Letcher

One Time – Van Der Want & Letcher

Bignity - Van der Want & Letcher

Bignity – Van der Want & Letcher

The doom laden beginning to ‘One Time’ belies the beauty of the slightly psychotic love song that follows. It was apparently written for Matthew van Der Want’s wedding in July 2000 and seems to be autobiographical, telling the story of how he was saved from living in a tent in Kwazulu-Natal and moved into a cosy flat with the woman who would become his wife. She then seems to have had enough effect on him to get him to remove some nastiness from his songs.

All this is conjecture based on what one could read into the lyrics. The bottom line is that ‘One Time’ is a great track that seems to mix the gentleness of the love the songwriter talks of with an undertone of the nastiness that he proclaims to have eradicated in that the beat and instrumentation show shades of Nick Cave in his more reflective moments. It is a disturbingly beautiful song that worms its way into your brain.

Where to find it:
Bignity – Van der Want/Letcher (2002), Sheer Sound, SHIF004


One time she saved me from some bad tent in Natal
Loved me through the sickness and then loved my mental health
After that we moved into a cosy flat
Now we have some goldfish and a crazy cat it’s

One time we played this club and she did the door
The owner of the venue said your girlfriend’s so hardcore.
She has little time for the men of straw
What a lucky man, then, me she adores

When we lay awake she told me stories
I saw her everyday and didn’t get bored
One time the narcissist went skipping through his tracks
Noticing that some of them were nasty to the max
Jotted down some words then he took an axe
He chopped out a riff and set straight some facts

When we lie awake she tells me stories
I tell her every day…
I love you

(Written by Van der Want/Letcher)

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