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If You’ve Got Nothing On Tonight – Clive Bruce

If You’ve Got Nothing On Tonight – Clive Bruce

If You’ve Got Nothing On Tonight - Clive Bruce

If You’ve Got Nothing On Tonight – Clive Bruce


Clive Bruce (real name Clive Bergman) was born in Cape Town and is the step son of Virginia Lee. He started out his music career doing mostly backing vocals and sang on some of the old Springbok Hits albums. He was also the voice of Sarel Seemonster on Wielie Walie at one point. His solo career really took off in 1971 when ‘Sally Sunshine’ entered the SA Top 20 in July of that year and reached number 11. It was nearly a decade later that he hit the charts again with ‘If You’ve Got Nothing On Tonight’, which first charted in February of 1981 and peaked at number 16.

The song is similar to the Bellamy Brothers’ ‘If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me’ not only because of the innuendo in the lyrics (Bruce’s song goes, ‘If You’ve Got Nothing On Tonight, I’d Sure Like To See You.’) but it is also an easy listening country song. Bruce continues to record and released an album of covers in 2006 and a greatest hits compilation in 2008.

Where to find it:
Grootste Treffers & Country Gunstelinge – Clive Bruce (2008), Select Music, SELBCD697



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One thought on “If You’ve Got Nothing On Tonight – Clive Bruce

  1. I do appreciate the effort that you go to in doing these write ups. If you could include short audio clips of some these older songs, just to remind us of how they sounded, it might give extra sales to some of these artists and their families – a “buy now” button would be a fantastic addition, and perhaps even help fund the write ups. But I guess in the complex and strange world that is modern IP, it’s not something that you can easily negotiate :(

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