1001 South African Songs You Must Hear Before You Go Deaf

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Ugly – Natalia

Ugly – Natalia



Cape Townian girl, Natalia first appeared on the  scene in the early ’00s. She fronted Janie Jones (who took their name from a song by The Clash about a singer who also became known as a madame in London) and had a hit on the SA Rock Digest Charts with the punky ‘Go F*ck Youself’. Her solo material is not quite as punk orientated as that of Janie Jones, but there is still an edge and attitude to her material.

‘Ugly’ vacillates between beautiful, almost classical, guitar refrains and hard hitting choruses. Natalia’s voice also has a duality to it. At times she sounds like a vulnerable girl, but can inject her vocals with a venom that says don’t mess with me. The song also made the SA Rock Digest Charts getting to number 3 and spent 13 weeks on the chart.

Where to find it:
Long Street Lullabies – Natalia (2007), Indie Release

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