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Renaissance Song – Musa Manzini

Renaissance Song – Musa Manzini

New Reflections - Musa Manzini

New Reflections – Musa Manzini


Musa Manzini was born in Kwa-Zulu Natal, but headed off to Cape Town to get a legal degree from UCT. However, music got in the way and the legal profession’s loss became the music lovers (in particular lovers of African Jazz) gain. Other than perhaps from a few highly dedicated legal beagles, I can’t see there being too many tears shed over this change of heart.

Musa has recorded four albums and released a best of CD. ‘Renaissance Song’ appeared on his debut release ‘New Reflections’ and is also the opening track on his “Best Of” compilation.  It was also included in the collection ‘African Guitar Kings’ which, given that he was only 2 years into his recording career, was a huge recognition of his talent. Musa plays the bass guitar, but uses it for the melody of songs rather than rhythm. ‘Renaissance Song’ is a bright, bouncy jazz piece, wrapped around his melodic bass guitar. It is polished and slick jazz in an African style.

Where to find it:
New Reflections – Musa Manzini (2000), Giant Steps, CDSTEP101
The Best Of Musa Manzini – Musa Manzini (2009), Sheer Sound, SLCD 185
African Guitar Kings – Various Artists, (2002), Sheer Sound, SSPCD029


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