1001 South African Songs You Must Hear Before You Go Deaf

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Bob – Amersham

Bob – Amersham

Amersham - Wearing Thin

Amersham – Wearing Thin


Amersham were one of the big South African groups of the 90s. School friends Adam Lomas, Nathan Waywell and Ryan Kiley formed the band in 1988, but they were not to crack the music scene until 1994 when ‘Dreams Of Me’ started getting airplay and made it to number 10 on the 5fm charts. The band’s line up went through a number of changes, but by the time they recorded their second album ‘Wearing Thin’, Kiley had left and Tim Trotter and Marc Bentek had joined.

A live version of ‘Bob’ appears on ‘Wearing Thin’. It is a funky, bluesy number that features some great harmonica work by Craig MacKinnon and almost seems to tumble out of the speakers at you. The guitar work is funky, reminiscent of Red Hot Chili Peppers, but Lomas’ vocals are a little at odds as he doesn’t have the growling blues sound that the harmonica seems to demand, nor does he have the hard-edged yelp that the funky guitar wants. However, his clean cut voice does work on the song and the band sound like they are having fun. This all culminates in an infectious tune from one of the leading lights of the local music scene.

Where to find it:
Wearing Thin – Amersham (1997), Colossal Records, CDBSP (LF)7013

Hear it:


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