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Shame On You – Flash Harry

Shame On You – Flash Harry

Shame On You - Flash Harry

Shame On You – Flash Harry

Flash Harry were Keith Berel, Fred Knowles, Mark Burdett and Dieter Ebling and in the early eighties, they produced 2 albums – 1981’s ‘Going Straight’ and 1982’s ‘Take What You Can’. On ‘Shame On You’ (from ‘Take What You Can’) they played ‘white’ reggae in a similar style to The Police, and the song has that same slightly punky edge to the lilting reggae beats that Sting & co had.

Up till its release, the band were pretty obscure, enjoying a small cult following and attracting some attention as a live band, but this track got them noticed. Unfortunately, they didn’t produce any further material to capitalise on this success. Berel moved on to form Carte Blanche which had some success with the singles ‘Walk Away’ and ‘Killer In The Crowd.’ Fortunately for us, Benjy Mudie was a fan and included the track on his Retro Fresh compilation ‘Rocking Against The System.’ Now all we need is for him to put the 2 Flash Harry albums out on CD.

Where to find it:
Rocking Against The System – Various Artists (2002), RetroFresh, FRESH CD119


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