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When You Gonna Love Me – City Limits

When You Gonna Love Me – City Limits

City Limits

City Limits

City Limits produced one album that spawned 2 SA Top 20 hits. One was ‘Shouldn’t Fall In Love’, the other ‘When You Gonna Love Me’. The latter only managed to spend a week on the charts, peaking at number 20 and is slightly funky and a bit reggae-ish. As the title suggests, the song is a plea, and the vocals match that sentiment.

About half way through, there is an all too short jazzy sax interlude, perhaps trying to seduce the object of the song’s plea. The song finishes without the listener finding out if the singer ever gets the love he wants, but for one brief week in 1981 the song was the 20th most loved in the land.

The band consisted of Rick Wolff, Joe Alves, John Weddepohl, Chris Ghelakis and Neil McKellar, and based on the success of their debut, it is a little odd that we didn’t hear anything more from City Limits, however, most of the names mentioned above kept cropping up in the credits of other South African albums.

Written by C Ghelakis/C Angelopulo

Where To Find It:

Vinyl: City Limits [1980, Minc, MINC1010]


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