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Binneland In – Spinnekop

Binneland In – Spinnekop

Groenkitaar - Spinnekop

Groenkitaar – Spinnekop

The driving force behind Spinnekop was Gian Groen (born Gideon Hanekom) who was one of the cream of musicians that rose to the top of the Stellenbosch scene during the 00’s.  They did this by producing such early hits as ‘Tiger & Louise’, the beautiful ‘Vier Seisone Kind’ and the blues/rock classic ‘Binneland In’.

The song features some searing guitars from the first beats and a methodical rhythm that seems well suited for blasting out during a long distance car (or motorbike as the lyrics seems to suggest) journey (preferably while going into the Binneland of South Africa).

Groen moved on from Spinnekop to weave a wonderful web of solo material, but, with his mates Guy Veldman, Alex Power, Leon Equan, Marius Appelgryn and Jeremy Schultz, he produced this little gem that lovers of the electric guitar will keep listening too for many years to come.

Where to find it:
Groenkitaar – Spinnekop, Afrimusik (2002), AFRIMUSIK25


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One thought on “Binneland In – Spinnekop

  1. My favourite version of this song is the one recorded live in 2001 and released on the “Tassenberg All Stars Volume 2” album. Wonderful screeching guitars!

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