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And I Reason – The Led

And I Reason – The Led

The Led - 8 Days

The Led – 8 Days

The Led were a 5 piece band that came out of the flourishing music scene of Stellenbosch in the late 90’s and early 00’s. A couple of their tracks appeared on the ‘Wingerd Rock’ series of CD’s which highlighted some of the emerging talent in that university town and included such luminaries as The Springbok Nude Girls.

However, they differed a bit from most of their contemporaries in that they featured a female vocalist in the shape of Skye Stevenson. Furthermore, all their songs were in English and they did not go down the blues or heavy rock route that was popular at that time. But they did make intriguing music.

‘And I Reason’ is a beautiful, if slightly melancholic, tune that seems to suck you into its troubled breast. Stevenson’s vocals float hauntingly over the top of guitars that are at times edgy, but build to swirling crescendos for the chorus. It’s a fragile, atmospheric song that deserved more attention than it got.

Where to find it:
8 Days – The Led, Rhythm Records, (2001), RR009

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