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Fall – Jenny Delenta

Fall – Jenny Delenta



Jenny Delenta rose to fame as part of Not The Midnight Mass. She was the epitome of the old adage – dynamite comes in small packages as, despite her short stature, she could belt out a spine chillingly accurate version of Kate Bush’s ‘Wuthering Heights’. Not a feat many can accomplish.

With the help of Cragie Dodds from Egyptian Nursery (who went on to work with the Sugababes), Delenta changed styles on her eponymous debut. The album is packed with brilliant trippy-pop tunes which garnered some favourable comparisons to Madonna during her ‘Ray Of Light’ period. ‘Fall’ opens the album and sets the tone. Delenta’s sultry vocals cast a magic spell over its chillout beats and electronic beeps. Catchy and danceable, the song was a strong start to a strong album. All the signs were there for more great material from this highly gifted singer, but sadly, this has been her only offering so far. We can live in hope.

Where to find it:
Delenta – Jenny Delenta (2000), BMG, CDRENT(LF)100


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