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Die Mamba – Piet Botha

Die Mamba – Piet Botha

Piet Botha - Die Mamba

Piet Botha – Die Mamba

There is something menacing about the title song of Piet Botha’s 2003 solo album. Well, you call a song ‘Die Mamba’ and of course there will be something menacing about it. Mamba’s are not cute. But it goes deeper than the name. The music itself is threatening and edgy, full of guitars and drums that assault you with a wall of sound. It is somewhat reminiscent of the denseness of Freedom’s Children.

The lyrics talk of a musician roaming the country with an almost lecherous eye on the groupies (‘jong bokkies’) that he wants to bite. Not something a young woman should play to pa just before telling him you’re off to a Piet Botha gig. You may just find yourself grounded.

Despite the menace in the song, it is a great track to lose yourself in. Wail along to the guitars, growl along with the vocals, let your senses be pounded by the beat, and then crawl out the other end of the song with that elated feeling of having escaped from a frightening, but somehow exhilarating ordeal.



Where to find it:
Die Mamba – Piet Botha, (June 2003), Rhythm Records, RR042


Hulle roep my die mamba
Die hele kontinent behoort aan my
En ek beweeg
Maar ek hou nie baie van die woestyn
Want daar is nie jong bokkies
Bokkies om te byt..

Hulle roep my die mamba
En jy sal die vrees sien in hulle oge
Hulle roep my die mamba
By die hoor van my naam begin hulle bewe
En as jy by my pad loop staan
Dan kom die bliksem ek belowe
Jong bokkies…bokkies om te byt

Hulle roep my die mamba
En ek looi die kitaar
Op die lang pad gebore
En toe sommer net daar laat staan
Ek en my vriend adder loop by die nag
Al daai heerlike diertjies wat wag
Jong bokkies….bokkies om te byt
En dan sê hulle : “Hey hey hey
My mamba baby”

(By Piet Botha)

Video (Live versions):

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2 thoughts on “Die Mamba – Piet Botha

  1. George Koen on said:

    One of the best songs ever!

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