1001 South African Songs You Must Hear Before You Go Deaf

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Naked – Naked

Naked – Naked

Kaolin Thompson from Naked

Kaolin Thompson from Naked | image: Fresh Music

No, I haven’t chosen this one because it should get me more hits on this blog, and yes, there really was a group that called themselves Naked and they did have a song called Naked (released in 1998), the CD single of which did feature a naked person on the front, but all artistically done.

The band was made up of Kaolin Thompson, Darrel Mordecai, Crallan, Sean Fourie and Sean Ou Tim and were produced by Neal Snyman. The song is a relaxed affair with a funky beat and some echo-ey guitars which underpin Koalin’s breathy vocals, the latter making the refrains somewhat seductive. The chorus soars in comparison to the refrain and shows off the strength of Koalin’s vocal talent. There is also an ethereal feel that the guitar brings to the song.

Naked is a love song, Naked is a lovely band, so get listening. Clothing is optional.

Kaolin went on to record a solo album.

Where to find it:

SA Top 40 Hits of All Time Volume 6 – Various Artists (2002), Sting Music, STIDFCD037

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