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Ons Soek Rock En Roll – Karen Zoid

Chasing The Sun - Karen Zoid, Just Music, (2007), CDJUST171

Chasing The Sun – Karen Zoid

After the runaway success of ‘Poles Apart’, Karen Zoid’s debut album, all eyes (and ears) were on ‘Chasing The Sun’, her second album released in 2003. And it didn’t disappoint. Just the title of the track ‘Ons Soek Rock En Roll’ should have been enough to let people know that she was carrying on where she left off.

‘Ons Soek…’ has a go at the X-Factor generation and everything fake that people think cool. Karen is looking for the real deal, she wants boerewors on a braai not beans out of a tin. She wants people to recognise raw talent as opposed to glorified karaoke singers and she gives a perfect example of what she is looking for when she growls in her best Janis Joplin voice ‘ons soek rock en roll.’ She is also well backed up by her band who know how to rock. As she claims in the song, she is indeed die raas in jou generaasie.

Where to find it:
Chasing The Sun – Karen Zoid, (2003, re-issued by Just Music, 2007), CDJUST171


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