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Drunken Girl – Robin Auld

Drunken Girl – Robin Auld

Robin Auld - Africana

Robin Auld – Africana

There is something about surfing that generally leads to great, feel
good music. The Beach Boys (although only one of them actually surfed)
were amongst the best exponents of this. In more modern times, Jack
Johnson took a more laid back approach to this kind of music. In South
Africa, we have, for a good few decades now, been privy to the laid
back ‘surfer’ music of Robin Auld.

‘Drunken Girl’ is another slice of perfect laidback pop from our
little maestro. It has Auld’s trademark mellow vocals surfing nicely
upon a groove wave of guitar and rhythm, taking you on a great ride.
But scratch the surface of this song a little and you’ll realise that
‘Drunken Girl’ is not as easy as the title suggests. The lyrics are
thoughtful and somewhat sad. This was always a trademark of Auld. The
sounds might seem carefree, but there was always a serious side to his
lyrics and this combination is what has given his work its longevity.

Where to find it:
Africana, Free Lunch Productions (2010)


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One thought on “Drunken Girl – Robin Auld

  1. Robin Auld has always been underated – as a songwriter he’s one of the best (if not the best) songwriters.

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