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Ray Of Sunshine – Canticle

Ray Of Sunshine – Canticle

Ray Of Sunshine - Canticle

Ray Of Sunshine – Canticle

In 1972 Tony Osher, Norman Coates and Mandi Hayns (later to become Marloe Scott Wilson) put out a single under the name of Canticle. The song was called ‘Ray Of Sunshine’. The song was very much of its time and has a Carpenter’s feel to it. The lyrics are about love and very positive. This may not be suited to everyone’s taste, but would have certainly appealed to South Africans in the early 70’s. Surprisingly, this song did not chart on the South African charts.

There are lush orchestral sounds with a warm brass section which underpin Mandi’s pure voice. The song was released in Germany in 1973 under the artist name Mandi Wilson & Canticle as well as being released in the UK and Belgium.

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4 thoughts on “Ray Of Sunshine – Canticle

  1. Norman Coates on said:

    Hello, I was one of the members of Canticle (the dark-haired one) and am delighted to see the cover for this version, showing all of us. There seem to be many versions around by us ( given that it was a hit in various countries – and as you say not particularly n SA) but none ever show us as a group. I wrote the B side. Oh so long ago.
    Best wishes,
    Norman Coates

  2. The cover shown in this post is the Dutch release on Pink Elephant records

  3. roy van der merwe on said:

    i also love it – have the single

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