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Saving The Scenes – Van Der Want & Letcher

Saving The Scenes – Van Der Want & Letcher



Chris Letcher and Matthew van der Want have teamed up a couple of times to make music and this has produced some great results. Both ‘Low Riding’ and ‘Bignity’ are worth having in any self-respecting SA Rock fan’s album collection, and their solo projects are also worth checking out. But when they get together, there is a synergy that makes it quite special.

‘Saving The Scenes’ is one of the stand out tracks on 2002’s ‘Bignity’. It sound a little like those whiny but laid back grunge acts like Counting Crows but without the angst laden vocals. The song seems to float along on the back of a head-nodding beat and if there was such a genre as chilled-rock, this would slot into it nicely. On a lyrical front, there is a reason why the song did not make it on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US. Consider the line ‘O silver stars make me nervous, make me wanna run join the Taliban.’

‘Bignity’ made the Mail & Guardian’s list of the top 20 albums of the first decade of this millennium, and with a track like ‘Saving The Scenes’ on it, I am not at all surprised that it did.

Where to find it:

Bignity – Van der Want/Letcher (2002), Sheer Sound, SHIF004


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