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Fabulous Day – Redd Angel

Fabulous Day – Redd Angel

Redd Angel

Redd Angel

Redd Angel was Jerome Martin, a young singer who was known as the Michael Jackson of Langa (a township just outside Cape Town). His promising career was cut tragically short in 2006 when he was killed in a car crash at age 29.

What he did bequeath to us is a toe-tapping-get-up-and-dance-feel-good-funky slice of a pop song in ‘Fabulous Day’. This is sunny music from a sunny country. He is not a Michael Jackson sound-a-like, but he does have that sort of breathy quietness in his vocals that MJ was also famous for. His cover of ‘Man In The Mirror’ does show a closer match on voices, but watching some of his Youtube videos you wouldn’t  say that he had the dance moves of Jackson, but he certainly had the pop sensibilities.

‘Fabulous Day’ seems to have been the subject of many different mixes, some for listening to at home while doing the ironing, some for your night out in Ibiza and some for turning up loud as your pimpmobile bounces through the hood.

A sad loss to the SA music world of someone who may well have become our ‘King of Pop’.

Where to find it:
Fabulous Day – Redd Angel (CD Single) (2002), ZYX, ZYX 9536-8


Ibiza mix:

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2 thoughts on “Fabulous Day – Redd Angel

  1. My favourite version of this song is the Kwaito mix which was on Selection #1, the free CD that came with SL magazine.

  2. Hi there I am looking for his song called it’s over and can’t seem to find it anywhere can anyone assist?

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