1001 South African Songs You Must Hear Before You Go Deaf

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Of Tomorrow – Aerophone

Of Tomorrow – Aerophone



Aerophone is the generic classification for instruments that cause sound by a vibrating mass of air. In 1971 there was a vibrating mass of air in front of the speakers of anyone who was playing the b-side of the single ‘Sweet Sweet Suzie’, mainly because they were probably playing it very loud.

‘Of Tomorrow’ by the band Aerophone was the b-side and it is a thundering, swirling, dense and highly satisfying song. Very little is known about the group and it is not certain whether they were South African or Rhodesian (as the country was known back then). What I can tell you is that Chris Kritzinger produced it and the single (“Sweet Sweet Suzie”) made number 8 on the Zimbabwe charts.

The song was touted by the defunct online e-zine, Sweet Floral Albion, a magazine devoted to British Psychedelia. This recommendation has made the single quite collectable and an online auction for a copy of it in 2007 raised $69 for the lucky seller. The rarity of the single has made this one of those lost gems that leaves you wondering why it was not a hit.

Where to find it:
It’s a pretty rare RPM single that you may be lucky to find in a second hand bin somewhere, but you can hear it on Youtube.



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