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Meisie Sonner Sokkies – David Kramer

Meisie Sonner Sokkies – David Kramer

Eina by David Kramer

Eina by David Kramer

Apparently, ‘Meisie Sonner Sokkies’ is one of the most requested songs at any sokkie jol. Perhaps it is the rebellious nature of the meisie that attracts people to her – how can you be sonner sokkies at a sokkie jol. That said, it is more likely the pure joie de vivre of the song that only the most hard hearted people will not, as a bare minimum, tap a foot along with it.

David Kramer is a national treasure, having contributed richly to the musical heritage of the country in both political and non-political ways. He has also worked hard to preserve sounds of the Cape in his Karoo Kitaar Blues project. But every now and then the sparkle in his eye lights up and he produces gems like ‘Meisie…’

For those of you who are a bit anti Kramer’s ‘boereorkes’ sounds, it is worth checking out this song out. Just listen to the honky tonk sounding guitar which introduces the song and is prevalent throughout. It has a blues feel to it and is extremely catchy. ‘Meisie Sonner Sokkies’ can be enjoyed purely as something to get you to langarm on the dance floor, or you can just sit back (tapping you feet, naturally) and enjoy the masterful musicianship on it.

Where to find it:

Eina – David Kramer (1989), Blik Musiek
Klassic Kramer – David Kramer (1996), Blik Musiek, BLIK03
Alles Vannie Beste – David Kramer (1997), Blik Musiek, BLIK04

Cover version

Terwyl Die Donker Wolke Dans – Die Tuindwergies (2012), Jeamile Music



Cover version:

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