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Living In Da Ghetto – Gommora

Living In Da Ghetto – Gommora (Kwaito gets heavy)



Gommora were a three piece kwaito-rock band from Dobsonville that popped up in 2002. Consisting of Monde (aka Melodi), Sifiso (aka Mad Dogg), Siphiwe (aka Khanas), they produce an eponymous album of blistering tunes that brought a different slant to the kwaito dance music that was so popular in the townships.

There is a sort of Aerosmith meets Run DMC ‘Walk This Way’ feel to their music, although at times, some if it is a bit more like Slipknot have knocked Aerosmith off the stage. However, ‘Living In The Ghetto’ is certainly the more commercial offering on the album. There is the heavy rock guitar and growled vocal intro, but then it sort of dissolves into a tuneful kwaito track. Perhaps fearing that the world wasn’t quite ready for full on kwaito-rock, this was the first single off the album and gained some airplay.

It is certainly worth checking out as an easy entry into the heavy world of Gommora. Once you’ve gotten use to the rockier bits of this style (while being given break as the poppier side of the track plays), you can then venture deeper into the growling, howling, guitar bashing songs of the genre.

Where to find it:
Gommora – Gommora (2002) Gallo, CDGURB031


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2 thoughts on “Living In Da Ghetto – Gommora

  1. sifiso on said:

    Hi I want to buy the gommora (kwaito group) album and I have looked everywhere but I can’t find it please help me to get this album, I’m in Durban ,thank you

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