1001 South African Songs You Must Hear Before You Go Deaf

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Morning Light – Rabbitt

Morning Light – Rabbitt (And then it dawned on me)

Rabbitt - A Croak And A Grunt In The Night

Rabbitt – A Croak And A Grunt In The Night (1977)

The mania that surrounded ‘A Croak And A Grunt In The Night’ was the peak of Rabbitt’s success in South Africa. However, where could they go from such success? The answer, as history tells us, is nowhere as a group. So they disbanded and the members went on to greater things on the world stage.

But in that time between ‘A Croak…’ and Trevor Rabin departing the band, they produced the gem called ‘Morning Light’. The song was written by Duncan and Trevor, and does hint at the worldwide smash Trevor was to have with Yes and ‘Owner of A Lonely Heart.’ You can find the full rock guitar sound and high pitched vocal harmonies here that made ‘Owner…’ the hit it was.

The song peaked at number 15 on the Springbok Top 20, spending only 3 weeks on the chart. This seems to belie just how massive the band actually was in the country. Yes, there was probably many a tear shed, particularly amongst the young girls, when the band split, but they did leave a fitting finale in ‘Morning Light.’ There was a further album and single without Trevor, but that’ll form part of another entry.

Where to Find it:
A Croak & A Grunt In The Night (bonus track)– Rabbitt (2006), Fresh Music, FRESHCD 154

SA Rock Encyclopedia:


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