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Natalie – Black Hotels

Natalie – Black Hotels (No, it’s not about Ms Imbruglia)

Beautiful Mornings EP – Black Hotels (2007)

Beautiful Mornings EP – Black Hotels (2007)

Bouncy, jaunty, catchy, toe-tapping. These are just some of the adjectives one could use to describe the opening and standout track on the Black Hotels debut EP, and it’s like that from the first hook till the final note. Clocking at a few seconds over 3 minutes the song undoubtedly draws influence from the resurgent post-punk revival spearheaded by the Strokes at the start of this millennia.

‘There are four pictures in my room, they’re all of me and none of you,’ is a rather strange lyric to start a song that goes on to sing the praises of Natalie, but maybe that says more about the singer than about the girl.

‘Natalie’ is the best introduction a band could have to anyone first trying them out and they have gone on to produce 2 solid albums (‘Films For The Next Century’ and ‘Honey Badger’) since their first EP, but I keep coming back to this track because it’s just so darn good.

Where to find it:

Beautiful Mornings EP – Black Hotels (2007) Sovereign, SOVCD 029


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