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Gimme Dat Banana – Strobe

Gimme Dat Banana – Strobe

Gimme Dat Banana - Strobe

Gimme Dat Banana – Strobe

Okay, so ‘Gimme Dat Banana’ is a cover version and the Strobe version isn’t too much different from the original by Black Gorilla. Furthermore, Strobe didn’t come up with a new song for the B-side of the single, but simply did a cover of ‘Funky Jungle’ which was the B-side of the Black Gorilla single. Given all this, you may well be asking why this is regarded as a South African song you need to hear. Well, I think that both versions are worthy of a listen, but South Africa embraced Strobe to a greater degree than the UK took to Black Gorilla. Strobe’s version peaked at 12 on the SA charts while Black Gorilla only managed to crawl up to 29 on the UK charts.

Perhaps we were far more at home with the funky jungle drums, strange tribal-esque chanting and screeching bird calls on the record than our European counterparts. Whatever the reason, ‘Gimme Dat Banana’ is a foot-stomping affair that would have had most party goers in 1977 off their seats and bouncing round the dance floor.

I have no information about who Strobe were, but it doesn’t really matter who does the song, as long as it sounds like the original. Hell, I grew up on the version that appeared on Springbok 35 (remember those?) and loved it back then and still love it now that I have obtained both Strobe and Black Gorilla’s versions.

Where to find it:

Second hand singles bins



Black Gorilla:

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