1001 South African Songs You Must Hear Before You Go Deaf

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Cheating – Off The Edge

Cheating – Off The Edge (People will do anything to get on this list)

Just Another Band – Off The Edge

Just Another Band – Off The Edge

Off The Edge has gone through a number of line up changes but was originally formed out of the ashes of heavy metal band Boss by Paul Hanmer and Tony Groenewald who had remained the two constants in the band. Paul and Tony recruited Judy Marshall-Shutte for the vocals on the album ‘Just Another Band’ and ‘Cheating’ was one of the tracks that appeared on the album.

‘Cheating’ is a solid slice of AOR rock. It has all the necessary ingredients – a prominent drum beat, hard edged guitar licks from the start and a strong vocal. As the title suggests it a song about betrayal with Judy singing, ‘You’ve been cheating, telling those lies, you’ve been cheating by the look in your eyes.’ But it’s not just a woman sitting back and taking it, she’s moving on, leaving the cheating man.

There are hints of Heart (you know, the Wilson sisters) and lots of heart (you know, gusto, that sort of stuff) which contribute to making it a great SAOR track (SAOR = South African Oriented Rock)


Where to find it:

Just Another Band – Off The Edge (2000), OTE2000

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