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Aimless Lady – Suck

Aimless Lady – Suck (Hits the target)

Aimless Lady - Suck

Aimless Lady – Suck

Suck were arguably the noisiest band in South Africa in the 70s, although their career only lasted a brief 8 months and they produced but one album – Time to Suck. The album consisted of cover versions of rock classics from the likes of Deep Purple and Black Sabbath as well as one self-penned song.

Aimless Lady, a cover of the Grand Funk Railroad tune, was the a-side of their only single with their self-penned song ‘The Whip’ making up the b-side. Suck conjured up pounding drums, wailing vocals and such an intensity that made the Grand Funk original sound a little bland in comparison. This is heavy rock at its finest and Suck should really have taken their place on the stage with the likes of those they were covering.

Suck were an important band in South African music, despite their short life, because they paved the way for local bands to rock and to rock hard. They faced a lot of opposition from the conservative government of the day, even being banned from entering the town of Welkom (something all of us should strive for).

Aimless Lady is just an example of what they were capable of, but the rest of the album is worth listening to as well. I think I have to disagree with Garth Chilvers & Tom Jasiukowicz who said in their book ‘History Of Contemporary Music Of South Africa’ that ‘SA Rock returned to normality when Suck disbanded.’ I can’t believe that anything could be truly normal after having experienced Suck.

Where to find it:

Time To Suck – Suck (2001), Retro Fresh, Freshcd118


Aimless lady, is this your home town?
Tell me baby, tell me where you’re bound.
When our eyes met, you were in the very first row.
I couldn’t even guess your name, but I just had to know.

You were meant for me, would you grab your coat and flee?
You were a mystery, but you just had to be …
An aimless lady.
Aimless lady.
Aimless lady.

Should I try, and satisfy, you lady?
Ain’t no lie, now we’ll get by, my baby.
If you can stand, a real good man, now lady,
Take my hand, and understand, me baby.

Take your time, you’re doing fine, now lady.
You got yours, and I got mine, now baby.
Can you see, the way to be, now lady.
Stay with me, and set me free, now baby.

Aimless lady.
Aimless lady.
Aimless lady.

You’re mine aimless lady.
Yeah, aimless lady.
You’re mine aimless lady.
Mine, aimless lady.
Oooo …

(Written by Mark Farner)


Grand Funk Railroad:

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One thought on “Aimless Lady – Suck

  1. Had the pleasure of having the late Moose (Lou) Forer on bass in my band Good Vibrations. Notwithstanding all the nasty rumours he was one hell of a bass player and a really great guy to boot! RIP buddy!

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