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Don’t Push – Mikanic with Ernestine Deane

Don’t Push – Mikanic with Ernestine Deane

Swimming With The Women - Mikanic

Swimming With The Women – Mikanic

Mikanic are Mike Rennie and Nick Turner from Sons of Trout, and the band name is a condensed version of Mike and Nick. Ernestine Deane was the wonderful voice behind Moodphase5ive and has gone on to forge a solo career for herself. Collaborations between well known artists does not always work and can sometimes result in dis-synergy (a word I made up all by myself) where the sum of the parts is less than the individual. However, this is one of those happy occasions where, to
express it in mathematical terms, Don’t Push > Mike+Nick+Ernestine.

‘Don’t Push’ is a beautifully delicate song. The gently guitar plucking, haunting violin and muted drums underpin the intertwining of Mike’s plaintive and Ernie’s breathy vocals to create an understated masterpiece. It does sound as though the song just came into being rather than being pushed out through a painful creative labour. One could almost change the words of the chorus from ‘Don’t push, don’t shove, we don’t need no help falling in and out of love,’ to Don’t push, don’t shove, we don’t need no help writing this song.’

Where to find it:

Swimming With The Women – Mikanic (2002), Rhythm, RR036

A Moment in Cape Town – Various Artists (2002), Wonder Label


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