1001 South African Songs You Must Hear Before You Go Deaf

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Trippin’ – Wonderboom

Trippin’ – Wonderboom (One to stumble upon)

Tell Someone Who Cares – Wonderboom (2003), Gresham Records, CDDGR1561

Tell Someone Who Cares – Wonderboom (2003)

Wonderboom have grown to be one of the most popular bands in South Africa. The energy they generate is infectious and they tend to make a rather feel good kind of rock. They have also been the forerunners in paying homage to South African music with 2 albums of covers of SA classics (Rewind and Hoekom) such as ‘Shadows’, ‘Charlie’ and Juluka’s ‘Africa’.

Trippin’ which appeared on their album ‘Tell Someone Who Cares’ finds them in a quieter mood. It features a swooping chorus and strings that bring a relaxed feel to the usual frenetic pace the group take. Perhaps the clue’s in the line, ‘Everybody’s getting louder and everybody’s getting harder baby, except for me’. But this is only true of a few of their songs for two songs later on the album, there is the noisy, energetic ‘Soul Doubt’ which makes one question the permanence of the claim. It’s possible that the slower one was written to impress a girl (it’s been known to happen).

Whatever the reason for slowing things down, rest assured that Wonderboom are more than capable of doing so in style and tune without becoming too sentimental. And yes, some of their more energetic stuff will feature later on in this list.

Where to find it:
Tell Someone Who Cares – Wonderboom (2003), Gresham Records, CDDGR1561


The sun it rises everyday
Or so I hear some people say
I don’t know I must’ve been away
Everybody’s getting louder
And everybody’s getting harder
Baby, except for me

Trippin’ on the moon, you could see me
Trippin’ on the moon
On that lazy cosmic afternoon
If you look around and I’m not in my room
Trippin’ on the moon

Don’t ask me now I’ll tell you later
I’m having lunch with my Creator
In a while – crocodile
If you left it up to me
I’d lift you up for all to see now
Baby, we’ll reconcile

(Written by Wonderboom)


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