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Let Me Into Your Life – Flood

Let Me Into Your Life – Flood (A torrent of emotion)

Let Me Into Your Life - Flood

Let Me Into Your Life – Flood

In the 70’s there were a number of artists in South Africa performing soul music. A fair portion of these came from the South African coloured and Indian communities. Richard Jon Smith, Lionel Petersen and the Flames were a few. Those listed all had a string of hits to their name, but one group that featured a (presumably) Indian lead singer in Krishna Naidoo, was Flood and they were a bit of a one hit wonder group.

Their cover of an Engelbert Humperdinck track, ‘Let Me Into Your Life’ entered the Springbok Radio charts on 6 February 1976 and reached the number 1 spot on 19 March 1976 where it stayed for 3 weeks. While Engelbert’s version was a big band crooner affair, Flood took the soulful approach with Krishna’s vocals having a pleading bordering on desperate edge to them and I reckon the subject of the request would be more likely to let Krishna and  Flood into their life and leave
Engelbert as ‘a man without love’ (he said throwing an obscure reference to a Humperdick song into the mix).

Where to find it:

Various Artists – The Best of SA Pop Volume 2 (1994) GMP, CDGMPD 40486 (CD)


[Spoken] This song is dedicated to all you sad and beautiful ladies

Hurt you? How could anyone hurt you
Leave you How could anyone want to
You must forget him Turn away from your sorrow
Let me love you And I’ll show you tomorrow
Just let me into your life Let me tear down the wall
That is keeping me outside the heart of you Let me into your life
If I can’t have you all Then at least give me one little part of you
Let me into your life
Trust in me. Let your heart learn to trust in me
Need me That’s the way that it must be
Just let me love you Can’t you see I was made to

Let me love you Why are you so afraid to
Just let me into your life Let me tear down the wall
That is keeping me outside the heart of you
Let me into your life
If I can’t have you all Then at least give me one little part of you
Let me into your life Just let me into your life
I will love you forever if you let me into your life

(Written by Peter DeAngelis)


Flood version:

Engelbert Humperdinck version:

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25 thoughts on “Let Me Into Your Life – Flood

  1. vick joshua on said:

    I am absolutely sure that there is more info on this artist and the band and whats their current status-a fabulous song by far,i grew up with these sounds still etched in my memory

    • Lameez Govinder on said:

      It’s wasn’t krishan naidoo and the flood you’ll people got it all wrong it was just the flood they were a band I don’t know why people only know for Krishna naidoo there were other members to but they not mentioned ……but because of one member in the group Rama Govinder he is one who started the flood it was he’s mother’s money which made it possible….. he brought the group together and after he left the flood the band stopped playing he decided to give he’s heart to God , if it wasn’t for him there wouldn’t have been The flood and I should know this because I’m he’s granddaughter

  2. Sathie Gounden on said:

    takes us back in time. Whatever happened to Krishna Naidoo
    Remarkable version.

  3. Bring back old memories. Where can I buy a copy of Let me into your life by the floods.

  4. gouri on said:

    i sat on my couch for two hour searching for this group .i am so satisfied to hear this song, d feeling inside me no one can feel. brought back good good memories

  5. Found a single by Krisha which was a cover of Los Bravos’ ‘Black Is Black, the b side was called ‘I Belive’ by Flood Feat. Krishna. Also found a Flood single called ‘I’ll Be Forever Loving You’ b/w ‘Out Of My Mind’

    • nachoghicho@gmail.com on said:

      Yes those were the days n remember the song Black is Black.

    • Rashied on said:

      The Black is Black single I desperately seek. I play their music regulary on Eldos FM 87.6 Sundays 15h00-18h00.
      I have a complete CDR of their album feat. We belong together, I’m a married man etc

  6. You know how certain songs bring back a specific memory of an event….this is such a song. That event was my childhood. I remember singing this song to my family on numerous occasions as a little laaitjie. ….Floods….Flames…..etc….these guys inspired me to take up playing guitar and sing in various bands. …ahhh …sweet memories……too bad I couldn’t find a mp3 download for this song!

  7. I have the LP of The Flood featuring Let me into your life, Ill be forever loving you, I believe, We belong together etc. A pity Black is black is not on the album? Fabulous and tight vocals by Krishna” Masalla” Naidoo, Joe Kelly, Danny etc.

  8. Joe Govender on said:

    krishna naidoo and flood played for Daxina Sporting Club presentation ball at Wits University.I have photo- graphs of Krishna and the band,Iwas told by friends from Pretoria that sadly Krishna passed away.

    • Rashied on said:

      Joe, great memories. I still believe our guys were not given the recognition that they deserved and the white record bosses like Clive Calder etc. made the money. Guys like Ivan Ross, Roy Petersen, The Flood and The Miracles exit the music world as they simply couldn’t only survived on the love for music alone. Krishna aka Masala.
      It would be great if you could share some pictures on my Facebook pages Rashied Mohammed or Golden Oldies Express on Eldos FM 87.6.
      Keep the memories flowing

    • Mikey on said:

      Krishna “Masala” Naidoo is still alive and residing in Laudium. i am his nephew and it would be of great pleasure to receive his album. anyone with his music can contact me via email naidoomi@saps.gov.za. many thanks

      • Rashied on said:

        Mikey, check out YouTube for the complete album songs including Let me into your life, Ill be forever loving you, I’m a married man, We belong together, I believe, Bonnie and Clyde, Heartbeat etc. A gentleman called Pepi sometimes get langarm music from me.
        Rashied Mohammed

    • Rashied on said:

      Joe, please share the photos. If you are on FB , check under Rashied Mohammed or Golden Oldies Express on Eldos 87.6

    • Rashied Mohammed on said:

      Joe , Krishna is very much still alive and still living in Laudium. He performed at the Marabastad reunion last year.
      Please share some pics of the band on my FB page

  9. Rashied on said:

    Check out The Flood on Youtube or I have an excellent CDR of the album feat. We belong together, I believe etc.
    I play these songs Sundays on Eldos FM 87.6( catch us on streaming) 15h00-18h00
    I would love to have a copy or MP3 of Black is Black

  10. Rashied on said:

    Groups going at that time was The Miracles with Neville Nash on leads( Love wont let me wait/ Music Maker on DGR) Neville took over when Lionel Petersen left to join The Invaders and Neville went solo after the group disbanded. Winston Campbell from The Miracles tells me that they recorded their single the same day and time as The Flood recorded Let me into your life. Other groups The Rockets, The Prumes, Pacific Express, Substation, The Minerals, The Twi Lites, Sound Express, The Movers with Blondie etc.

  11. Joe Govender on said:

    Hi Rashied, I sent you some photographs of Krishna NaidooMasala and his band flood, please let me know .I will re-send it to you.
    My new e mail address is: Joewits1@gmail.com

    • hi,
      i grew up in durban in the 70’s and loved the local music.let me into you life was one of my favourites.i would appreciate it if someone out there could please send me some photos of krishna naidoo and his band.i now reside in auckland,new zealand.

    • Zaid Jacobs on said:

      Hi Joe,

      I hope you saw my comment. I’d appreciate seeing the pictures. I saw them at a young age I however would like to share memories with my son, nephews and niece as most of my father’s property was stolen.


  12. Abdul Dramat on said:

    Great music of our own soil. I remember another great group, Stevie Fataar and the Flames.

  13. Zaid Jacobs on said:

    Apparently my father played for The Floods… I heard about the group and song however I had never heard it until now. He was on keys… Percy Jacobs.
    Anyone has visuals of the band back then? Zaid Jacobs

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