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Vulindlela – Brenda Fassie

Vulindlela – Brenda Fassie (see what all the Fassie’s about)

Brenda Fassie  - African Classics

Brenda Fassie – African Classics

Listening to Vulindlela, it’s quite hard to believe that someone who had so many problems in life could sing so beautifully, but Brenda Fassie’s vocals on this track are hauntingly so. Set against a decidedly danceable synth background, the song epitomises the township sound of the late 90s.

You don’t have to understand the words to be moved by the song. Check out the Youtube video link below and you will see comments from people from Somalia, Kenya, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Cameroon to name a few. Brenda was huge throughout Africa, and Vulindlela is widely appreciated around the globe.

A month after her death on 26 April 2004, the song was voted Song of the Decade at the South African Music Awards. It is highly likely that the emotional outpouring that followed her death led to this vote, however, that should not distract one from the fact that it would probably have been a contender for the award anyway.

Where to find it:

Memeza – Brenda Fassie (1998) CCP Music
Legends: Brenda – Brenda Fassie (2008) EMI
African Classics – Brenda Fassie (2009) Sheer
Kwaito – South African Hip Hop (2000), Earthworks, ASIN B00004WF17

Cover version by Sweet Sounds

Brenda – “Mabrr”: The Tribute Album 1979-2004


Vul’indlela wemamgobhozi (Open the gates, Miss Gossip)
He unyana wam (My baby boy)
Helele uyashada namhlanje (Is getting married today)
Vul’indlela wela ma ngiyabuza (Open the gates please)
Msuba nomona (Don’t be jealous)
Unyana wami uthathile (My son has had a good catch)
Bengingazi ngiyombon’umakoti (I never thought I’d see a daughter in law)
Unyana wam eh ujongile this time (My son has been accepted (woman said yes))
Makgadi fele usenzo s’cede (Help us finish the ceremony (you are welcome))
Uzemshadweni ngiyashadisa namhlanje (Come to the wedding, I’m taking
my son to the altar today)
Bebesithi unyana wam lisoka (People said my son is (someone who
doesn’t get women))
Bebesithi angeke ashade vul’indlela (People said he would never get
married but open the gates)


Cover version by Cheela

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22 thoughts on “Vulindlela – Brenda Fassie

  1. Mama Leslie on said:

    I fell in love with this trak the moment my ears with hearing welcomed it into my Spirit. Sung in its Native Tongue I was spitted into a happy dance and state of mind. Thank you.

  2. Nathan Iyke on said:

    When i was a likkle child, i loved dis song a lot, though i didn’t knw d meaning of the words coz am frm nigeria… But i jst loved listening to it. Jst today i was watching a movie n heard d soundtrack…!!! It rang a bell in my head, i quickly googled n downloaded it. Its now dat i knw d meaning OF THOSE WORDS thru ur intepretation…. I LOVE DIS SONG, BRENDA U WILL ALWAYS BE MY AFRICAN BEST VOCALIST….

  3. Joshua Ekakoro on said:

    This song, (and other from brenda fassi) remind me dat am from africa. East or west, still home is best. This how we do our thing here. Bravo brenda!

  4. Fassie’s songs always make me miss lectures and lunch at makerere university because they have a touching tone and rythm. I do not always leave any place where i find songs of fassie, lucky dube and chaka chaka being played. Alas! All of them R.I.P and though i am a ugandan, i feel strongly african whenever their songs like: mama, vulindela, nakupenda, freedom, let me be free, back to my roots, wedding day and many more are played. I rather cancel all my programmes if i come across such music being played as I LOVE UGANDA.

  5. Balanced Soul on said:

    Have fallen in love with this song from the first time I heard it. Put a spring in my feet and dance. Thanks for the lyrics, from someone from Congo, this feels like home too.

  6. what language is this song in?

  7. Ive loved this song since I was a kid, dont know why seeing as I never knew the meaning of the words…it just lifts my spirit…seeing this lyrics makes me even love the song even more! Thanks for sharing

  8. lyimo on said:

    i loved brenda fassie and her song vulindela.i liked her.let her rest in peace.

  9. D Coomer on said:

    Amazing song from a world class artist sadly Brenda is no longer with us .RIP

  10. Cih Kiplah on said:

    I love the song, Brenda fassie was just a perfect & talented lady;

  11. Zolani mangethe on said:

    I like Brenda fassie so much she inspired me since i was young Brenda was gifted and talented .and me im now a singer because of being inspired by Brenda fassie im from Zimbabwe may her soul rest in eternal peace

  12. Its very touching. I have been hearing its audio since i were a small boy but insight into it eluded after watching its video on a TV programme. To say the less, Brenda was such a blessing and talent to Africa.

  13. Simon Nyamu on said:

    Brenda God gave u such talent. He will save ur soul becos of the sacrifice of Jesus.

  14. K.mukisa francis on said:

    Ma heart will Neva erase such a beautiful n most vocalist of unending life .all souls of mother earth and in devine world will always rejoice upon hear of such Vioce.to me she ma best female musician.of all ages of life.the to greatness to son of earth and woman that gave birth to such a talent so lovely and charming

  15. Delali on said:

    This song was my very heartbeat in my childhood years… I loved it sooooo much!!! I chanced on Siki Jo-An’s version today and then I immediately downloaded it on apple music!!! It’s just phenomenally breathtaking!!! Love love love!!

  16. I am American/Venezuelan with South African roots (Zulu) – my grandmother used to song this to me and I will sing it to He unyana wam someday. IT brongs me down to tears everytime.

  17. In honor of my Motherland, South Africa… Ngiyakuthanda!!

  18. Desert Rose on said:

    Since when I was young I heard the song and fell in love with it that minute even till now its one of my best.

  19. She died two years after I was born.
    But I’m a die hard fan.
    I play vulindlela almost every day.
    I miss her, and I think she’s still the best.

  20. jordanjulianchase on said:

    … I just covered this song, as a tribute, it’d be featured on my new album and tour next year. You can listen to it on my YouTube channel. I’m American of Zulu South African descendant. Learning as much as I can on the my path.

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