1001 South African Songs You Must Hear Before You Go Deaf

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Ek Is ‘n Gé – Long John Berks

Ek Is ‘n Gé – Long John Berks (Why is this not at number 702?)

Ek Is ‘n Gé – Long John Berks

Ek Is ‘n Gé – Long John Berks

This is one you just gotta hear. Why? Well it’s hard to say. It’s not a particularly tuneful song, Berksie’s not got the greatest voice, and well, it does have a bit of a cringe factor. But like ‘Ag Pleez Deddy’ it is decidedly proudly South African, flaunting our accent and slang with great ‘chutzpah’ (I can use that word in a blog now as I just
leant how it is spelt). Unlike ‘Ag Pleez…’ Long John Berks’ song is a little bit harder edge from the cartoon biker image on the single sleeve to the rougher side of our colourful and varied slang.

John Berks, started out public life as a DJ on LM Radio and went on to work on Swazi Music Radio, Springbok Radio, Capital Radio 604 Transkei and Radio 5 before moving to 702 where he probably enjoyed his greatest success.

Penned by John Edmond and released in 1968, ‘Ek Is ‘N Ge’ conjures up life in South Africa at the times with words like Jukkel Stikkel, chaff and Cherie and phrases like ‘gooiing skyfies to my goose’ although I am not quite sure what throwing chips at avian pond life has to do with the price of eggs. Anyway, have a listen to this and be taken back to a time when we did speak funny.

Where to find it:
Singles bins

I wear a leather lummie and it’s shiny and black
With some psychedelic paint that I gooied across the back
My bebops in their jammies see me jolling along
As I burn it on my iron and I sing a lekker song


Jikkel Stikkel lekker lekker leks
Lekker lekker leks, lekker lekker leks
Jikkel Stikkel is all that I can say
Lekker lekker leks ek is bly ek is ‘n gé

I chaff a lekker cherrie and we’re gonna get cased
She can sing and jawl a geet and she’s classie in her taste
I’m gonna tune my chinas that they’d better stay loose
If they try to make a scene gooiing skyfies to my goose

So listen all my gabbas to the words that I say
Here is what you have to do if you want to be a gé
You’ll soon become a kingpin and you’ll never go wrong
If you cultivate your hair and you grow your sidies long

(Written by John Edmond)



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