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Unworldly Beauty – Springbok Nude Girls

Unworldly Beauty – Springbok Nude Girls (The clue is in the title)

Springbok Nude Girls -  The Fat Lady Sings, Best of 1995-2001

Springbok Nude Girls – The Fat Lady Sings

‘Unworldly Beauty’ is one of the Springbok Nude Girl’s quieter songs. It begins with a laid back, semi-mournful trumpet led intro that has a slight 70’s feel to it and it returns to this riff throughout the song. Theo Crous’ guitar is kept in check by some lush orchestral arrangements which prevents the song from being too noisy for your mum to like.

The song was one of the stand out tracks on the Nude Girl’s 2001 offering ‘Relaxzor’ which featuring the production skills of Kevin Shirley, a local lad who had worked with the likes of the Black Crowes, Aerosmith and Iron Maiden. It’s not quite a power ballad and it’s not a full on rock track. It seems to fit snugly between the two in a sort of Nirvana meets the Counting Crows in Herb Alpert’s lounge kind of way.

The Nude Girls certainly knew how to rock hard when they wanted to, but they were also very adept at slowing things down slightly as ‘Unworldly Beauty’ shows.

Where to find it:

Relaxzor – Springbok Nude Girls (2001), Epic, CDEPC8148
The Fat Lady Sings – Springbok Nude Girls (2001), Epic, CDEPC8190


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5 thoughts on “Unworldly Beauty – Springbok Nude Girls

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  2. So Brian, please tell us where one can actually hear these songs?
    I could never hope to get a copy here in the USA,
    but if there was an mp3 player on this site, we could!
    How about it? Mel Green

    • Hi Mel
      I am trying wherever possible to give a Youtube link so people can her the songs there, and Brian is putting up the link to Rhythm Records online site where you can download them from. Unfortunately, due to copyright reasons we can’t put all these songs up for you to enjoy.

  3. I like it

  4. Lukasz Pater on said:

    Thanks so much for this blog. Your knowledge of all things local and musical seems to be encyclopaedic. The range of entries is great and your writing is insightful.

    Having observed (and at one point been part of) the South African music scene since the 80s (I remember ‘Monster From the Bog being played by Alex Jay on ‘Fast Forward’) it’s heartening to see all these artists being given some attention. Local music has always been great, but the ‘scene’ never seems to have completely gotten off the ground and is always limping along.

    I’m curious about your Nude Girls entries: the one’s you’ve mentioned are great, but what do you think of their earlier work? The first few EPs and ‘Afterlifesatisfaction’ document – in my opinion – most of the band’s best work. Having kind of stopped paying attention from ‘Surpass the Powers’ onwards – an album that I felt was compromised in trying to find a sound to appeal to and American market – I was really surprised by how good their 2007 comeback ‘Peace Breaker’ was. I haven’t seen much press on it on the web and don’t know how much attention it got, but I can highly recommend it.

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