1001 South African Songs You Must Hear Before You Go Deaf

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He Took Off My Romeos – Anneline Kriel

He Took Off My Romeos – Anneline Kriel (Be afraid, be very afraid)

Anneline Kriel - He took off my romeos, 1981

Anneline Kriel – He Took Off My Romeos, WBS 757 (1981)

Just over a hundred years ago, Freak Shows were a popular form of
entertainment where people with deformities were put on display at
Circus type events. Nowadays we are far more civilised, that’s why we
refer to this displaying of strange humans to the public as ‘Reality
TV.’ It is this strange fascination that we have with the odd that
places this song in the 1,001 Songs You Must Hear Before You Go Deaf

In 1974 a 19 year old South African girl walked off with the Miss
World title and went on to marry the man behind Sun City, Sol Kerzner.
For some bizarre reason, she seemed to think that this gave her
licence to make a very, very bad record.

You may well ask if it is so bad, what is it doing on this list and
the answer lies in the title of the list, 1,001 South African Songs
You Must Hear Before You Go Deaf. It’s not the 1,001 best or greatest
South African song, but songs you must hear, even if it is to see just
how bad things can get when fame and fortune goes to your head.

The song itself is not too bad, a cover of an obscure track by an
American singer called David Lindley who worked with the likes of
Jackson Browne and Linda Ronstadt. It has a pleasant reggae lilt to it
and passable vocals – I’m talking about the Lindley version. The Kriel
version, while keeping the reggae lilt, completely dismisses the
passable vocals in favour of the bad day at the Karaoke bar approach.

Having said all this, there is a strange fascination with the song
that draws you back to it every so often. Perhaps it just reminds you
of how good most other music is.

Finally, in case you were wonder what Romeos are, they are boots.

Where to find it (if you really feel you must):
Various Artists – Sharp Cuts Vol 1 (CD, 1992) out-of-print


Anneline Kriel:

David Lindley original:


Take it off
Take it off

I was having a drink
Down at the bar
I was worried ’bout my image
I can’t wash my car
When a pretty, pretty boy
Says “Hey is that you,
Won’t come along with me,
I’ll take off your romeos.”

He took off my romeos.
He took off my romeos.
Oh that pretty, pretty boy
He took off my romeos.

I asked for a light
We sat by the fire
It was there by the embers
I had no desire
To go back to the bar
And drink some Old Crow
I put on my leather jacket
He took of my romeos.

He took off my romeos.
He took off my romeos.
Oh that pretty, pretty boy
She took off my romeos.

(Written by Robert ‘Frizz’ Fuller)

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